Highlight on Beginner Skater Don McGeachy

Don McGeachy put on figure skates for the first time this year and joined Olympia Skating Club in the fall. Although Don works full-time, he manages to come to our ice on Fridays and works very hard when he’s there. His progress has been excellent!

Don posted the following on Facebook and I just had to share it with everyone:

“Finally, after hours of practice, my backwards ice skating and crossovers are actually starting to feel pretty decent. Confidence level has really gone up, and my feet are getting a good feel on the weight transfer, increasing my speed.

It is amazing how much practice it really takes. I have went through big moments of doubt where I felt I was not getting anywhere, it felt frustrating. However, I have learned that focusing on having fun helps get me through the rough spots, just keep going and have fun. Have fun, keep going, practice practice practice. Now results are slowly showing themselves. Falling has become less, but no less painful when it happens. Ouch my hip!!

The fun part this weekend was having my progress show up unexpectedly in the rise of my skill level. I was working my backwards crossovers, getting smoother and smoother, and coming out of skating feeling really happy with myself. I wish I could just keep going, feeling that feeling of doing it better than I ever have so far. It was very rewarding!!

I hope I am impressing on people that it is not too late to take on a whole new skill and challenge. I had no idea I had this in me, just glad I found out now and really got going. I mean I liked skating, always thought it was fun, even as a kid. I just never considered pursuing skating like I have until that Lloyd’s (Rollercade) closing announcement ripped into my being and woke my skate passion!! Funny what wakes and shakes you up.

Wake your passion, get some decent equipment, some good coaching/training, and go have fun!! Life is NOW!!

Stay tuned, I am gonna get some good video of me so you can see me in action.”

Don, you are an inspiration to all of us on the ice. You are so right – life is now! Don’t wait for the perfect time to start skating as that time may never come. Just bring your skates, step on to the ice, and your Olympia teammates will be there to support your skating journey!