How Do I Get Started With Olympia Skating Club?

Are you an adult who wants to learn how to figure skate? Or are you hoping to return to the ice after not having skated for some time? Olympia Skating Club is the place for you! We welcome new members at any point in the year.

Here’s how you get started. First – you need to have a Skate Canada number. In order to do this, you must be registered with a club. You can register with Olympia Skating Club to either renew your expired Skate Canada membership or to get a Skate Canada number for the first time. The fee is $55 to join the club and be a member of Skate Canada. The Skate Canada membership is your insurance to skate on the ice. It is a requirement of all sanctioned clubs. The membership expires annually on August 31st.

Ice fees are a separate cost from membership. We offer drop in sessions for $25 for an hour and 15 minutes of skating or you can buy a 10 pass, 20 pass or monthly pass if you like to skate a lot every month. The costs for passes can be found in the Fees section.

Lessons are given by our excellent head coach, Monika Bafia. You can either have group lessons or private lessons (depending how busy an ice session is). Monika groups skaters together by ability, making it affordable for everyone. A 15 minute private lesson is $17, 30 minutes is $34 and an hour is $68. When you are in a group lesson, that cost is split between the amount of skaters in the lesson.

What options are there for you if you come to skating? Well – you can participate in shows, compete, prepare for tests, or just come and skate to improve your skills. You are also not obligated to take lessons. You can skate just for the joy of being on the ice.

If you decide to come to our ice, bring your completed registration forms and cheque payment to your first skating session. Come into the dressing room and one of our board members (Maureen, Sandi, Shig, or Lorine) or our head coach, Monika, can take your forms and payment.

We offer daytime ice 3 days a week – Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Friday morning. Calendars are posted in the Fees and Programs section of the website.

If you have any further questions, please contact Olympia Skating Club at or call Maureen Bennie at 403-640-2710.

OSC – Fall/Winter 2018 – 2019 Registration Payment Forms