We are pleased to announce a new adult-only skating club, the Olympia Skating Club. Our goal is to be a national example of Skate Canada’s Active for Life program. The club will offer individualized programming for adults of all ages, commitment, and skill levels while focusing on the overall well-being of adult athletes in regards to total programming and conditioning.

The Olympia Skating Club will provide a fun and focused training environment to help skaters achieve their figure skating goals whether that be testing, competing, performing, or just coming out for some fun and fitness. The flexible environment will allow each athlete to participate to a level which fits with their lifestyle and personal commitments.

Coaching Staff

Olympia Skating Club is very fortunate to have Monika Bafia as our head coach. Monika has over 25 years of coaching experience. She was a Polish National champion and represented Poland for 22 years in both Senior Ladies and Ice Dance. Monika qualified for the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics before a serious injury sidelined her. She is an Olympic Level Coach Master in Warsaw, Poland, a Skate Canada Coach (NCCP Level III Theory, Technical, Practical) and is highly coveted as a choreographer for ballet companies and skaters of all levels from Europe, Canada, USA, Russia and Japan. Monika has identified an opportunity to work with adult figure skaters and has created a diverse but well-rounded training program supporting Skate Canada’s Active for Life strategy.

Board of Directors

  • Lorine Stevens – President
  • Shig Taya – Vice President
  • Bobby Joe Donovan – Treasurer
  • Maureen Bennie – Secretary
  • Sandi Fast – Director at Large

Our Vision

To become the leading, adult-only figure skating club and a National example of Skate Canada’s “Active for Life” program. Olympia Skating Club offers individualized programming for adults of all ages, commitment and skill levels while focusing on the overall well-being of athletes as it relates to total programming and conditioning.

Our Mission

Olympia Skating Club works with adult-athletes of all ages and levels, providing them with a fun, focused environment to achieve their figure skating goals. The flexible environment allows each athlete to participate as much or as little as fits with their lifestyle and life commitments.

Programming focuses on the Motor Skills, Technical, Artistic, Physiological, Psychological and Social aspects of figure skating. We believe this variety of programming will be a catalyst to high levels of participation, earlier onset of participation and increased athlete satisfaction all resulting in the growth of adult figure skating participation and prominence in Canada.