Getting Started

Olympia Skating Club is a friendly and supportive club that welcomes new skaters anytime during the year. We have regularly scheduled ice time 3 times per week from October to March. Schedules and locations vary from April to September.

Pick a session and register either by emailing us or via “Sign Up Genius.” Limits to the number of skaters allowed on the ice may apply.

Arrive for your skate 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. The lobby of the arena has a screen that indicates which dressing rooms are assigned to Olympia/Adult Skating.

You will be hooked! Once you decide to remain with us, you can buy drop in sessions or passes that are more economical (current rates are in the registration package.) 

Whether you are a returning skater, or relatively new to the sport, lessons are an excellent way to build skills. It is not necessary to take lessons, but our coach will be happy to discuss goals with you. Individual and group lessons with skaters of similar levels are available. Maybe you want to work on some basics or maybe you want to have a program choreographed; lessons can be arranged. Coaching costs are extra.


New Skaters can register at any time during the year, but are required to purchase a membership which includes a mandatory Skate Canada membership. Skate Canada memberships expire annually on August 31.

Completed registration forms and payment are required before your first skate. 

Forms can be emailed to, e-transfers are also accepted at this email.

Visit for more information

Introductory Offer


Includes Skate Canada Membership and three 75 minute ice sessions. 

Coaching sessions are not included in this offer and are paid for separately.